KÜHTREIBER, Ltd. is a Czech company, which is engaged in development, production and sale of welding equipment and accessories. The company was founded in 1998 and initially worked primarily in the domestic market, which has built up an extensive distribution and sales network. The gradual development of the company and expanding range led to an expansion into other European countries and then managed to get important business partners in other continents.

Main objectives of the company, which is a satisfied customer, is achieved pursuit of maximum machine availability, fast delivery of goods, perfect service and sales support, including counselling and constant expansion of production and business facilities.

The company today produces and deliveres more than 100 types and variants of welding machines KIT, KITin, MAKin and Fénix for MMA, TIG and MIG/MAG welding and plasma cutting. It deals with the sale of welding torches, protective masks, spare parts, pressure reducing valves, electrodes and other accessories. Great emphasis is a placed on the quality of products and components.

All the key components of machines are manufactured in its own factory in the Czech Republic, where final assembly also takes place.


Achieving and maintaining high levels of product Kühtreiber depends both on the used components that are delivered directly from the renowned European manufacturers, but particularly on technologies used in manufacturing.

Kühtreiber Company is equipped with modern automatic line for printed circuit boards (PCB). Manufacturers of these devices are reputable and famous companies DEK and Yamaha. The chosen concept of regular production (in-line) ensures the highest level of product quality, high production capacity and reduce the need for human labour.

Mounting of classic components and non-standard SMD components is carried out at workplaces equipped with hand-shaping devices and manipulators. Of course there are inter-operational checks, including optical inspection, commissioning and testing of individual parts and finished products.


One of the most important parts of the welding machine is the transformer. Kühtreiber Company produces transformers and other winding elements itself in its own premises. This became independent on suppliers and has confidence in quality and design.

First and foremost, it is a special welding transformers, which design and technical parameters must meet the requirements for safety and durability, and especially with them can achieve excellent welding properties.

The company Kühtreiber also manufactures transformers for the power supply control devices of machines, such as contactors, displacements, fans, gas preheating, cooling etc.


Cases and covers of welding machines and practically all metal components are also manufactured within the company Kühtreiber Ltd. For this purpose, the company is equipped with modern CNC machines TRUMPF and DURMA. For further processing are used conventional and CNC machine tools. Production takes place in various stages, such as punching, bending, spot welding, grinding and final assembly.

The company is fully self-sufficient in the production phase of welding machines and is ready to react quickly to customer requests.


Manufacture of machinery takes place at several workplaces of the assembly line, which are defined by each phase assembly machine. This ensures high productivity and minimal errors. After the assembly phase, the welding machine enters the final phase of the inspection, which takes place in two stages.

  • Visual inspection – mechanical damage to the paint, strain on various parts of the machine
  • Technical inspection – checking functionality and security equipment

Final assembly of inverters is done manually according to established rules and instructions, each used for mounting plate contains information about the final test the functionality of the PCB. Assembled inverter has a settings depending on required parameters and detailed testing at final inspection.