The products are intended for protection of current tips and torch nozzles. It prevents deposition and melting of metal particles produced during spatter of arc welding. It does not contain silicones or organic solvents. Significantly prolongs the life of current tips, torch nozzles and effectively protects welding areas.

Variant “S” does not contain fatty acids. Used during welding steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel.


  • suitable for all welding methods (MIG-MAG, laser welding, soldering etc.)
  • effective in both wet and dry conditions
  • contains corrosion inhibitors
  • non-toxic, non-flammable
  • biodegradable

Anti-spatter paste

340 ml No. 055190001

Anti-spatter spray

400 ml No. 055190002

Anti-spatter liquid | with diffuser

1 l No. 055190003 | No. “S” 055190009

Anti-spatter liquid | canister

5 l No. 055190004 | No. “S” 055190010

10 l No. 055190005 | No. “S” 055190011

20 l No. 055190006 | No. “S” 055190012

Coolant | canister

3,5 l No. 12109

10,5 l No. 12190

Anti-freeze coolant mixture for machines with a circuit for liquid-cooled torches.